FAQ about PSDTO3D software

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       PSD: File format in Adobe Photoshop, many layers can be saved in it.

Group: We can also say link. In PHOTOSHOP, in order to make some layers move or zoom at the same time, we must link layers,  after the layers linked, it will appear chain on these layers. In 3D software, link layers to make flip effect.

Lpi: How many lines in each inch lenticular sheet

Vertical compression: In order to make the file much smaller under the premise that don’t loss accuracy, we always output by using different resolution when horizontally and vertically. When opening in photoshop, the photo will be much shorter n-tupling vertically, it is normal, this is result of compressing vertically, if open in type-setting software(like coredraw), the proportion of length and width is correct, no influence on outputing.

 How can I make several copies of one project file with different LPI?

You don’t need to make several copies, just save for one time, when you want print out with different LPI, you can just change LPI directly.

 How to convert one 2d photo to 3d photo in PSDTO3D software?

Design 2d photo in photoshop first( Remark: separate layers of this photo, you need to fill up if the background is empty. )———-design and drawline of one layer in PSDTO3D software——– output after design well———-print it out on paper, then put double sides adhesive between photo paper and lenticular sheet, one side adhesive stick to photo paper, another side adhesive stick to lenticular sheet,———-laminate lenticular sheet to the paper tightly.

Why does the software key that you sent to us is blank?

It is common, this is our usual practice, we will send you the download link to make the software run, as the software dongle is very small, this is also for safety purpose during transit.

In PSDTO3D software, what does “ cm” this colum mean? How to set this figure?

It means displacement figure, you can change this figure by changing the left colum figure