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Lenticular printing software

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Lenticular printing software
Lenticular printing software including 3d lenticular design software, stereograms color separation software, 3d lenticular diagram synthesis software, stereo lithography (three-dimensional layout) software, lenticular lines, test software.
Full-lenticular printing solutions, a comprehensive solution to the three-dimensional printing (print) four difficulty.
List of 3D lenticular software:
Note: only need to use three-dimensional design software for the printer to print three-dimensional painting. OK3D Technology Co., Ltd.
Software classified
3D effects design (for the lines of lenticular)
PSDTO3D professional version--Lenticular 3D and change the effect of (old)
PSDTO3D advanced version--Lenticular 3D and change the effect (increase in the latest version of the hook line free editing)
3D effects design (fly-eye lenticular)
YD3D1.0--Fly-eye 3D effects design, shift layer only for monochrome simple geometric patterns, and other unrestricted
YD3D3.0--Fly-eye 3D effect of the design, the displacement layer to CMYK four-color simulation 360° three-dimensional
3D three-dimensional color separation software
RIP3D--Three-dimensional printing RIP color separation software. Synthesis and Separations at the same time, step in place, the best accuracy, the output cable up to  4800 lines. Built-in color adjustment curve to ensure the best color
3D stereo compositing software
Merge3D--For larger image synthesis, the big picture make-up, to solve the problem of interference Shu Wen and other printing
3D lenticular anti-counterfeiting Software
3D anti-fake--3D lenticular security, is the focus of anti-counterfeiting focus lenticular
Lenticular lines test software LPI
LPI TEST--For the lenticular line number LPI test, accurate to four
Loopthree-dimensional design software
The 3D effect of the circulation pattern design--Three-dimensional sense of strong, visually dazzling region, from left to right, three-dimensional. Suitable for the packaging of the product.
The 3D publishing software
3D Typesetting software--Lenticular effect can be a variety of images of the lines to fight in a print edition is fast and convenient
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