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Big size 3d photo interlace software

  • Main function: merge large 3d photo
  • Software training: online tranning
  • USB key version: yes
  • Posted on: 2015-07-28 10:48
  • Valid until: Never Expire
  • Invest area: CN
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 This is a 3D large photo merge software, it has much higher DPI, more convincing stereo 3D effect and much faster speed, what’s more, it can help people merge 3D photos by a wide margin. It can merge more than 99 pieces sequence photos to one photo. After importing TIFF file, you can preview 3d effect, do red-blue photo preview and gif preview, The lenticular LPI can accurate to six position after the decimal, output file supports compress vertically.

As the output DPI of netscreen and CTP are fixed integer, like 4000, 2540, 2400 etc, it will come up interference lines because of matching when printing. In order to solve this problem, we have developed fixed DPI delicated merge photo software, on the premise of without changing definition, solve interference lines throughly.

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