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25LPI PS lenticular board

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Brand: OK3D
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Updated: 2015-10-14
  • big size 3d photo
  • 3d wedding
  • transparent
  • thick
  • 2m--4m
  • far distance
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Company Details
Thickness: 4MM
Viewing distance: 2m -4m
Usage: 3d photo or flip photo, large poster, Injekt print
Lenticular board, normal LPI are 12LPI, 16LPI, 20LPI, 25LPI, 30LPI, 40LPI, normal standard size is 120cm*240cm
PS lenticular board is very thick, like 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, they are for outdoor 3d lenticular printing , like 3d billboard,  3d advertising poster, they are suitable to watch from far distance

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