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psdto3d 2018 lenticular software

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 It is used to make 3d pictures, strong sense of 3d, high definition, simple operation, can save 80% of production time.
Support PSD layer translation, free mixing of three-dimensional and flip, single-layer can be hooked to three-dimensional;
Single-layer hooks are freely editable. Such as: line movement, zoom, move forward, move back, move different layers, cut, paste, the vertex can increase or decrease, move.
The number of lenses can reach 999, running speed, memory optimization.
Large size PSD image files can be imported. Improve the accuracy of three-dimensional paintings from the source, ordinary computers can quickly produce large three-dimensional maps.
Output TIF large picture, up to 40GB. Supports vertical compression. The file size is reduced to a fraction of the original, but the loss of precision is negligible, greatly speeding up the processing speed.
Support stereoscopic imposition, the center line is automatically aligned, when there is a plurality of stereograms in a layout, the lines in each figure are automatically aligned with the center line of the raster.
Supports Gray, RGB and CMYK. When printing in stereo, the color is not converted and there is no loss. Supports circular patterns for high-definition stereoscopic backgrounds.
Output PSD format image file. It is very convenient to use it for making a gallery or for post-processing with PHOTOSHOP.
Output Gif animation, red and blue perspective. Make it easy for you and your customers to see the results or show online.
The displacement can be displayed automatically. The single-layer hooking line can exceed the border by 2 cm.
Added depth of field setting in single layer hooks. The depth of field of the hook layer can be adjusted individually, and the stereo strength can be arbitrarily adjusted.
The overall depth of field and the displacement values ​​of each floor are independent of each other and can be individually modified. When it is found that the three-dimensional effect is not enough or too strong, you only need to increase or decrease the overall depth of field. The overall depth of field x layer displacement number = actual displacement value.
Before the overall preview, it is not necessary to perform single-layer previews on each hook layer one by one. This feature saves a lot of time and simplifies operations when there are a lot of hook lines.
Save all parameters. Easy to modify in the future.
Without USB encryption locks, networking is not required except for output. Output once, charge 1 RMB. Free trial, free design

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