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Roll photo paper

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Updated: 2015-08-03
  • waterproof
  • smooth
  • 1.118mx30m
  • 0.914mx30m
  • 0.61mx30m
  • 3d print
  • normal print
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Company Details
  High quality 3d waterproof photo paper in roll shape for injekt print and UV offset printing 

1. Features:

·High Brightness

·100% compatible with dye and pigment ink

·True Photographic Look and Feel
·Instant Dry

     2. Size: 
1.118mx30m/roll     0.914mx30m/roll    0.61mx30m/roll


3. Cast coated highly ink receiver layer sides especially for full-color photos,achieve high color density and superior color stability ,good line -sharpness and image quality ,ink accepted strickly,  in the precise area required and no further .ideal and superb for photographic image quality consistency ,for vivid photo quality with maximun color saturation, true photogarphic look and feel 

4. Suitable to  All types of inkjet printers (Kodak, Canon, Epson, HP)  

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