PSDTO3D supports 64bit Windows

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Note: PSDTO3D101 lenticular software support 64bit Windows system
 PSDTO3D101 lenticular software support 64bit Windows system

64 - bit windows systems has been a blank area of the domestic software, should be customer requirements, the company spent three months with breakthroughs made in key areas, develop PSDTO3D software version for a 64 - bit system, and added some important features. This software is the latest window:
1 .support 64 - bit operating system
2 .new displacement measuring function. 3 d depth of field shift measurement tool, is the best way to designers to grasp the depth.

3 . new photos at the same time open the function, improve the limitations of previous versions can only open a chart

This feature combined with cancel the free editing function, can copy other 3 d drawing to cancel whole, DIY stereogram is one of the important tools.
PS: most of the time, we need to put two three-dimensional painting of the scenery, characters, or other elements are combined, in the past, we need the original Photoshop floor plan to merge, and then imported into the PSDTO3D software to cancel the set operations such as,
Now, we use photos and cancel the free editing copy function can easily do it, save to cancel the red tape.
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