3D Lenticular Print

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Note: The fourth diffcult point of 3D lenticular printing.Overprint on the bit-The fourth diffcult point of 3D lenticualr printing.3D lenticular printing: overprint on the bit - Difficulties of lenticular printing.
3D lenticular printing: Difficulties of lenticular printing
Three-dimensional overlay and alignment are two different kinds of three-dimensional printing process of printing technology, but in the latter part of the adjustment process in the printing, but also closely related, the general recommendation is to first place after registration.
Three-dimensional printing overprint overprint more difficult than the average high, three-dimensional overlay error is generally around 0.001mm (based on printed materials and raster mapping technology to do different, the error will be very different). Because the grating material itself is a miniature of the convex lens, with zoom effect, misregistration, the color reproduction of images will be even worse, will also affect the three-dimensional effect.
Three-dimensional alignment is accurate, based on the chromatography, so that the printing of three-dimensional picture clearer, more comfortable look. At this point, but also to remind one: D is the premise of the bit precision raster to accurately proofread! If the raster proofing technology can not solve, about three-dimensional alignment does not make sense
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