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Lenticular effect

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Note: 3d effect flip effect animation effect zoom effect morphing effect lenticular effect.Objects within an image are layered to give the illusion of depth and perspective. Unlike 2-dimensional design, using this lenticular effect allows graphics to appear mor
 3D depth effect
Objects within an image are layered to give the illusion of depth and perspective. Unlike 2-dimensional design, using this lenticular effect allows graphics to appear more realistic.
 An effect that gives the sensation of looking into a 3-dimensional space. 
3D depth shows you the virtual reality by creating stereoscopic image with perspective.
 It dramatically increases the time viewers spend observing the advertiser's message.

Flip effect,from one picture to another picture.
A dramatic swapping of two images-each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another. Utilizing this lenticular flip effect is most beneficial for demonstrating "cause-and-effect" or even "before-and-after" comparisons.

Morphing effect
When the handsome variability into beast! When a woman suddenly turned into a beast, the deformation effect is very cool, is it right?. Just mention for two images, we can design out of this magnificent; ornate; fascinating artwork. And can be printed out, see it hold on the hand .
The conversion of one image into another is used to create the illusion of transformation. This lenticular morph effect can be used for showcasing a product or feature that may change or create change.

Zoom Effect
The effects of an image appearing to move closer or farther away in a series of animated positions. The Zoom Effects work best when the background is common throughout all of the animated images, and the animation has been designed to loop the image with no obvious start or finish.Actually zoom effects, Morph effects and animation effects are special multi-flip effects. The illusion of movement from background to foreground to create the effect of "leaping out" or "jumping back." A lenticular zoom animation can consist of one or more objects, or even a full image. This effect works best for highlighting elements such as products, logos, or important messages.

Animation effect
With a series of images coming together to create an animation much like a short movie clip. 
The illusion of motion actually comes from either a selection of video frames or sequential still
 images. This lenticular animation effect is great for emphasizing body movement or mechanical


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