OK3D advantage in 3d industry

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Note: Own the patent of PSDTO3DLenticularprintingsoftware, it has been registered in the national copyright administration
  1 Own the patent of PSDTO3D Lenticular printing software, it has been registered in the national copyright administration of china. more than 80% 3d companies are using this software, we have exported many 3d software to foreign countries, OK3D software has a good reputation in the world

2. Latest UV offsetUV printing machine printing process
a. printing high precision horizontal accuracy can reach 9600DPI vertical accuracy of up to 
b, compared with the traditional offset printing, color saturation, bright vision to be pleasing
visual contrast, which will help to strengthen the high-quality image of the product.
c printing raster dry immediately, do not need dusting, improve efficiency and save costs, but 
also improve the printing quality problems
d. the raster printing surface high ink adhesion, easy to fade, easy to scratch
the most advanced e linked network technology, overprint very prospective.

3. Production line has its own high-precision mold and grating, a variety of grating material, PET, PP, PS, stable quality, high performance, UV ink printing, not only to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, but also it is envirmental  friendly 

4. Best after-sale service, we teach you how to do 3d photo design and how to do 3d lenticular printing step by step, we can through internet, like email, skype, teamviewer remote control.

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