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Double sides adhesive

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Transparent PET double sides adhesive for lenticular photo lamination




Transparent &No bubbles


Lenticular photo lamination

1. Application: Firstly, print 3d photo on the paper, secondly, put the double sides adhesive between the printed paper and the lenticular sheet, thirdly, use a cold laminator to laminate the printed paper and lenticular sheet together

2.Take out release paper then can easily paste printed photo paper to lenticular sheet tightly

3. high-temperature resistance

4.easy to make lamination

about the double sides adhesive, there has 3 kinds size are in same quality, they are as following:

0.635mx50m/roll, the price is USD65.21/ROLL

      1.07mx50m/roll, the price is USD125.04/ROLL

      1.27mx50m/roll, the price is USD163.35/ROLL
double sides adhesive 1

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