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2D TO 3D conversion software

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       1.Modify layer drawline, like move, zoom in and zoom out, different layers can move, cut, paste, point can move, cut, paste

2.Angles can be 999, 2d to 3d conversion is more smooth

3. LPI and size setting are unlimited

4.Support CMYK and RGB, strong 3d effect is very clear

5.Midline can be aligned automatically

6 .Support outputting PSD, gif, tiff, bmp file

7. Make lenticular effect 3D,flip,morph,zoom,animation

8. Support importing large size PSD file, you can make large 3d photo easily, output file can be 40GB, output DPI can be 9600

9. Run on WINDOWS XP and WINDOWS 7 and WINDOWS 8
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