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PSDTO3D101 and PSDTO3D108 software

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  PSDTO3D101 software:  USB key version , can set up in many computers , when want software running,  pls insert USB key,  time is unlimited. Price is USD1288 , after pay by bank or western unio, we send USB key by express to you

PSDTO3D108 software: without USB key version, it is network version,  can set up in 1 computer,  2 computers at most,  use time is limit.

purchase way is through recharging,  for example, please pay USD500 at least for 1 time through bank or paypal,  then we help you to recharge through our system, then i send you recharge no, then you can output 3000 times within 30 days, after 30days, if you want to output more times,  pls pay money again

Special tips:This information from related enterprises to provide, authenticity is not confirmed, only supplies the reference. Please use caution, the risk conceit.

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