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Anti-counterfeiting software for offset printing

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Brand: OK3D
Character: anti-counterfeiting
Hidden: logo or company information
Unable to scan: yes
Price: 5000.00美元/SET
Min.Order: 1 SET
Supply 10000 SET
Delivery: Shipment within 2 days since the date of payment
Address: CN
Valid until: 2021-10-31
Updated on: 2016-07-25 22:08
Hits: 3198
Company Detail
       1. Used for 3d anti-counterfeiting,3d anti-counterfiting pattern design,printing method is the same as common printing

 2. Original printing product is almost unchanged,but after adding the high density grating, a clear pattern emerged, such as company logo, name and so on.

3. Rotated 90 degrees to see different patterns, multi-density hybrid encryption, so that counterfeiters exhausted.

4 .Doesn’t increase the printing costs.

5. a special pattern will be hidden in normal offset printing. suitable for printing anti-counterfeiting products, like company logo, namecard

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