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3d hidden images software lenticular security software

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Brand: OK3D
function: hidden images
technical support: yes
Price: 805.00USD/set
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply 10000000 set
Delivery: Shipment within 1 days since the date of payment
Address: CN
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2018-04-07 20:20
Hits: 59
Company Detail
3D lenticular security software is the upgrade versions of 3D lenticular security software 1.0 ,Used for 3d anti-counterfeiting,3d anti-counterfiting pattern design,printing method is the same as common printing
3D lens printing security software 2.0 special patterns hidden in normal print, suitable for high-end print anti-counterfeiting, it has four advantages: 
1. Strong concealment, does not change the appearance of the original print, if you do not use the test piece, is fundamentalsee hidden patterns. 2 does not increase the cost of printing, the detection chip cost is very cheap. 3. Detection. Simply stacked on the test piece, and there will be a clear pattern, such as a company logo, name, etc.. The rotation angle can see the hidden pattern. The 5. Variety of density mixed encryption, so that the forger exhausted.
3D lenticular security software 2.0  a special pattern will be hidden in normal print. suitable for printing anti-counterfeiting products, It has three advantages:
1. Original printing product is almost unchanged,but after adding the high density grating, a clear pattern emerged, such as company logo, name and so on.
2. Rotated 90 degrees to see different patterns, multi-density hybrid encryption, so that counterfeiters exhausted.
3. Doesn’t increase the printing cost
Tag: Anticopy pattern, Void Pantograph, lenticular Images, relief effects, Line Modulation, decoding Image, Security Software
I explain what I am doing with you product, so you know exactly why I am asking these question. It is important you understand clearly why I must know if this will do what I want it to do.
I print “ticket for event” I want to print an image with a secret message on it, for example “3d99” on the image.
I then want to use the “lens” to place it on the image at an event to show that the ticket is not a duplicate, by placing the lens on top of the ticket, then the word “3d99” will show up when I twist the lens.
So the image is not visible unless you please the lens over the image,They could not be copied.
we want to use it separately. What we are hoping is that when someone tries to copy the image it would show void
Some of our customers stick the lens and image together when used, it also can not be copied.
So it has 2 kinds of use,
A hidden pattern,that means separate the lens and decoding Image.
 No one knows that there are patterns in your image.
until have the original design & right materials & our software,they can copy
Will I also be able to use this on my large press to print posters then laminate with the lens to create a 3d image.?
This 3D lenticular security software only for Security,it can hide and display.
 if you want to design 3d poster,psdto3d software is a good choice
Would the psdto3d be able to do both 3d posters and anti counterfeiting
psdto3d can design effects such as 3d, flip, morphing, animation and zoom ,
Because of lens,it cant copy also,but it cant hide,must be stick together.
Any questions,pls send an email to
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