Stereo rail shooting synthesis software 3d lenticular synthesis software

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Brand: OK3D
use: for 3d lenticular
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 Stereo rail shooting synthesis software 3d lenticular synthesis software

Stereo rail shooting synthesis software Operating Instructions
It is suitable for the synthesis of stereo series pictures taken with guide rails.
Advantages: Automatic image alignment, easy cutting, direct printing, no encryption lock, most functions can be run without networking.
1. Press “+” to import a group of pictures that have already been taken. When selecting pictures, press shift to select multiple sheets. Press ctrl to increase or decrease one.
2, click on the focus icon, and in the picture display box, look for the focus, easy to focus area, as the focus position, click once with the mouse
This image will then be focused on all the images, so the point is the clearest. It is recommended to use the middle of the eye and the nose as the focus.
3. Click on the “Play button” to start aligning all the pictures and preview the animation.
4. Click the “Stop button” on the right to stop the preview.
5, this step is optional. Click on the red and blue glasses icon and wear red and blue glasses to watch the stereo effect.
6, set parameters, output picture width, height, vertical compression ratio, raster LPI, output DPI and so on.
6, this step is optional. Click the crop icon to move, zoom in, and zoom out the crop box.
7, save. The raster image will be synthesized and stored.
8, print.

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