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Fly-eye 3D software 1.0

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Brand: OK3D
Pattern: geometric pattern
3D: 360 degree 3D
Package: USB key|software manual
Price: 3000.00美元/SET
Min.Order: 1 SET
Supply 10000 SET
Delivery: Shipment within 2 days since the date of payment
Address: CN
Valid until: 2024-10-31
Updated on: 2015-09-21 14:30
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Company Detail
       1. Stereoscopic in all directions, no dazzling areas, no necessary to align, easy to affix, has a perfect effect when used in packing materials. (Rejistered No.2009SR039989)

2. Fly-eye 3D lenticular is the special lenticular that permuted by countless fly-eyes, every fly-eye is a microscopic magnifer.

3. This software is designed for making 3D continuous partern of fly-eye lenticular.The pattern is cyclic permuted by countless small graphics, it is not only stereoscopic in all directions, but also has no dazzling area, the stereo 3D effect is quite clear. To people’s surprise, it doesn’t require much higher DPI of lenticular LPI, for example, the graphic made by 50 LPI has the same stereoscopic effect as that made by 51 LPI. In addition, it is easy to affix, generally, you just need to aim at angle basically, it’s ok. The stereoscopic effect will not be affected when locating on the left or right, up or down. It is grate for packaging, what’s more, the effect is extraordinary.

4. FLY-EYE lens sheet, 360′permanent 3d. It also be this effect if you turn it around 360°. The fly-eye lens sheet is a multi-lensed effect plastic and being manufactatured in PP.The film gets its effect of motion and dimension from thousands of minute parabolic lences, molded into one surface. On this way the fly-eye lens sheet get its extraordinary depth and the permanent 3D effect. It is possible to have a few levels in the deep or floating in the same picture. The fly-eye lens sheet is not a lenticular film, but the consequent developmement of kinetic film from the lences.

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