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  OK3D International Group  Limited is an innovative and high-tech enterprise that integrates 3d photo design software development, 3d photo design and inkjet printing and 3d lenticular offset printing. We mainly offer 3d consumable items. 
OK3D has professional experience in 3d industry and exquisite 3d image as well as 3d lenticular printing technology. We have independently developed a series of 3d photo design software of "OK3D" brand. After years of hard work and practice, we have successively developed 3d large photo merging software, 3d photo merging and color separation software, LPITEST software, 3d anti-counterfeiting software, dot 3d photo design software, PSDTO3D photo design software, etc. We have obtained more than 10 national patents and two international patents. Our recently developed full color dot 3d landscape software ranks the forefront in the field. We adopt the world leading technology. The photo made by this software has high accuracy, 360 degree permanent 3d effect and real stereoscopic sense. 

We have perfect 3d solution with high accuracy output and large format output. The output accuracy can reach 9600DPI; output size can reach 5m*5m; output speed is quite fast. 

At present, we mainly provide 3d design training and production services. Our products include 3d software, 3d pictures, 3d photos, 3d wedding supplies, 3d posters, 3d billboards, 3d packing boxes, 3d notebooks, 3d mobile phone sets, 3d calendars, 3d gift bags, 3d business cards, 3d mouse pads, 3d tags, 3d LCD, 3d light boxes, etc. We offer 3d printing, flip photo designing and printing and 3d inkjet printing services. 

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