161 LPI 0.25MM PET lenticular sheet 3d film material

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161LPI lenticular 0.25MM PET lenticular sheet 3d film material
With a thickness of only 0.25mm, the 161 LPI lenticular sheet is extremely thin. The 161 LPI lenticular sheet match the resolution of modern CTP equipment well. 
This lens design is perfectly adapted to the needs of the packaging industry, where very thin plastic sheeting is often required (images inserted in DVD boxes). The near future will see new applications with this lens like magazine covers
Because of its high pitch, we recommend this product only for highly experienced printers, as it requires a more exact registration.
Lens design:161lpi
Viewing angle:40 degrees
Viewing distance:0.15-1.0m
Pitch checker range:160.95-161.45 depend upon output device
Gauge:250 micron
Stock size:710x510mm or 510x710mm lenticular lens parallel to 510 or 710 dimension
Quantity:2000 sheets per pallet
Custom sheets:Customized size is based on big order, please contact us.
Embossed lenticular:Parallel to machine direction
Surface:Top (gloss) Bottom (lenticular lens)
Approxiate leading time:30, 000 sheets(standard size) per day
161 lpi 3d lenticular sheet can be made 3d effect,flip effect,animation effect,zoom effect,morph effect and combination effect,strong lenticular effect,high definition!