2 sides adhesive

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 Transparent double sides adhesive/glue/super transparent 0.1mm thickness PET adhesive/double sided adhesive film

1. Usage:3d lenticular injekt printing or 3d laser print or digital lenticular print, 3d PET sheet lamination,

2. A cold mount foam board that is quick and easy to use,Double sided self adhesive white

3.Self adhesive glue on all kind board and sheets.

4.Take out release paper then can easily paste printed photo paper to lenticular sheet tightly

5. high-temperature resistance

6.easy paste our product on wall

about the double sides adhesive, there has 2 kinds size are in same quality, they are as following:

0.635mx36m/roll, the price is USD63/ROLL

 1.27mx36m/roll, the price is USD132/ROLL