0.5mm PP fly-eye lenticular lens

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  High-tech research and development, 360-degree three-dimensional images. This product does not require any other three-dimensional imaging with additional equipment, you can feel the scene by the naked eye three-dimensional effect. And, as opposed to the traditional three-dimensional picture of the product to solve the three-dimensional pattern is rotated 90 degrees and there is no three-dimensional pattern of jumping problem, move at any angle, can see the effect of realistic three-dimensional impression, stronger sense of space for creative , entertaining space design can be used as wall or ceiling materials used in interior decoration

fly eye lens sheet video from YOUTUBE,pls visit this website https://youtu.be/XMrN164ixjs 

High quality dot lens sheet,fly eye lenticular sheet,3d dot lens,lenticular material -- Environmentally friendly materials

we are 3d lenticular material factory,we are specialized in producing fly eye lens ,3d dot lenticular lens sheet materials

standard size is 51*71cm,the thickness is 0.5mm

this fly eye 3d lenticular sheet materials match fly eye 3d lenticular design,then you will make 360 degrees 3d pictures.

fly eye 3d lenticular design: This fly eye 3d design software 1.0 is being used to design geometric pattern into fly eye 3d pattern, like star shape, square shape, triangle shape, the geometric pattern will be made into very strong fly—eye 3d effect in all direction,  we can put 2d photo in the foreground. This software is extremely popular in packaging. this software is easy to use and it is suitable for any dot fly-eye lenticular lens.

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