OK3D has developed 3d crystal ball

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Note: 1. This printing products have much stronger 3d depth effect 5 times than common 3d printing products, there is no visua

1. People who did 3d lenticular photo knows that the 3D effect and animation effect can only appear either in one 3d lenticular photo, if want to get animation effect, then the 3d effect will be not very good, if want to achieve 3d effect, then animation effect will be not well, just choose either A or B.


2.Recently, Shenzhen OK3D Technology Co.,Ltd has developed 3d lenticular photo: 3d crystal ball, it is a special case, it is not only 3d stereroscopic, but also it is moving, when people walking, will see the 3d crystal ball will be rotating.


3. The most surprising thing is that 3d crystal ball has no visual dazzling area!  Even no short moment of visual dazzling. If you don’t nearly touch, you may think that is really the air suspension of the 3d crystal ball. Left to see it turn left and right to see it, turn right, up to see it , turn up, squat look down turn. Its 3d stereoscopic reality is more twice as strong than 3d lenticulr photo, so it's 3d stereoscopic feeling is extremely shocking

 3d crystal ball 4QQ截图20141124165829

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