Cylinder & fly-eye lenticular

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       1. Cylinder lenticular sheet has two direction: horizontal and vertical, Generally, we use "how many line length" to identify the size of the lenticular sheet.

2. According to the thickness and conventional usage of lenticular sheet, we can divide it into two kinds: lenticular lens and lenticular board

3. Lenticular lens, normal LPI are 70LPI, 75LPI, 100LPI, 161LPI, normal standard size are 51cm*71cm and 60cm*80cm, these lenticular lens mainly for making lenticular card, indoor lenticular 3d poster

4. Lenticular plate, normal LPI are 16LPI, 20LPI, 25LPI, 30LP, 40LP, normal standard size is 120cm*240cm
       5. Another type lenticular is fly-eye lenticular sheet, it is dot shape, just like fish eye, it is 17LPI, thickness is 4mm, it is 360 degree 3d effect

Fly-eye lenticular board

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