17LPI 4mm fly-eye lenticular

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 17LPI 4mm fly-eye 3d lenticular lens sheet material

can be made outdoor and indoor 3D large advertising photo, 3D lenticular wedding photo. They have big visual range, clear surface and strong 360 degree 3D effect. It can be used by inkjet printer.

 Material: PS;

Viewing angle: 360 degree

Storage temperature: 23~30 centigrade

Storage humidita:70%




Packing:Wooden Packing

Printed By:Inkjet/UV Flatbed Printer

Quality:High quality&Green&SafeColor:transparent 
fly-eye lenticular board, size is 120cm*240cm ,thickness 4MM, USD75.58/PIECE, MOQ is 1PIECES 

Special tips: This information from related enterprises to provide, authenticity is not confirmed, only supplies the reference.
Please use caution, the risk conceit.

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