Date: 2020-06-09     Play: 122    

Material: PET

Viewing angle: 49 degree

Viewing distance: 0.15-1.8m

Pitch checker range:75.20-75.45 depend upon output device

Thikness: 0.45mm(450u)

Stock size:710x510mm or 510x710mm lenticular lens parallel to 510 or 710 dimension (510mm=20inch,710mm=28inch)

Quantity:1500 sheets per pallet

Gross size:765x565x860mm

Custom sheets:Customized size is based on big order, please contact us.

Embossed lenticular:Parallel to machine direction

Surface:Top (gloss) Bottom (lenticular lens)

Approxiate leading time:30, 000 sheets(standard size) per day

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