Common problems of lenticular

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Note: What does LPI mean ? When we talk about our lenticular plastic sheets, LPI means lenticules per inch, when the same let
       What does LPI mean ?

When we talk about our lenticular plastic sheets, LPI means lenticules per inch, when the same letters are used in the offset printing business for “lines per inch” (screen resolution)


What software can I use to produce lenticular?

In China, the most famous Lenticular software is PSDTO3D, it will give you details of professional lenticular software. Most of the lenticular software are designed for PC but some are now available for Mac users like the Lenticulator Interlacing scripts.


Do you also offer lenticular-lenses except PP (Polypro) or PVC-material?

Our lenticular plastic sheets are extruded in polyester, most are APET.

We also manufacture PP and PVC lenticular materials. But neither is suitable for quality imaging processing, neither are dimensionally stable and can encourage press issues affecting final imaging quality and capabilities. For example PP lacks clarity and actually requires Corona treatment before printing.But polyesters such as PET have a natural dyne level and high transparency characteristics.


What is APET?

APET (polyethyleneterephthalate) is a thermoplastic resin of the polyester family.

depending on its processing and thermal history, it may exist both as an amorphous

(transparent) and as a semi-crystalline (opaque and white) material. Amorphous

polyethyleneterephthalate is APET. Our exclusive APET resin contains specially formulated modifiers to maximize the particular elements necessary for high quality premium lenticular materials.


Can I buy A4 size lenticular?

As you can see on our products page our standard sheets size is 710510mm as our

lenticular plastic is designed for litho offset printing, so we don’t sell A4 size sheets,but

for samples,we can supply few A4 size sheet.


What is the cost of transportation?

The cost of transportation depends on the area and quantity being sent. We’ll be happy to forward you a quote. Usually,If you are not sure which one is best for you, we suggest that you buy some pieces of A4 size to have a test (by air, Door to Door,

DHL.FEDEX,UPS,etc.) After that,You can purchase a large number,Transport by sea is the cheapest way, If it is urgent, you can also transport by air.


Is it possible to print lenticular images in screen printing?

As you can read on our lenticular process page, lenticular is a HIGH RESOLUTION

process as the lenticular sheet is magnifying the data that is printed to the backside of

the lens. screen printing does not allow the resolution required for a good quality,our

clients have offset printers, printing at high res. like 400 LPI or even more, this is

impossible with screen printing.


       Please tell me what kind of lenticular lenses you have?

Lenticular lens, normal LPI are 70LPI, 75LPI, 100LPI, 161LPI, normal standard size are 51cm*71cm and 60cm*80cm, these lenticular lens are mainly for making lenticular card, lenticular bookmark, lenticular ruler, indoor lenticular 3d poster
    Lenticular board, normal LPI are 16LPI, 20LPI, 25LPI, 30LPI, 40LPI, normal standard size is 120cm*240cm, these lenticular board are mainly for making big size outdoor 3d lenticular advertising poster,lenticular wedding poster, 3d billboard, subway 3d poster.


Is it possible to order the batch including 10-20 pieces size A3 (A3SR) of this item?

Our standard size sheets are 710 x 510 mm. We have both possibilities in stock. So we

can supply each of our lens designs in size 710x 510 mm with lenticules parallel to 710

or 510 mm,we sell A4 size sheets only for sample


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