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Brand: OK3D
certificate of copyright: yes
package: USB
technical support: yes
Unit Price: 1288.00USD/set
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply: 10000000 set
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Address: CN
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Updated on: 2023-03-29 14:46
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Company Details
 OK3D professional 3d lenticular design software
FOR:LENTICULAR EFFECTS DESIGN.It can make 3d flip zoom animation morphing and combination effect.Suitable to any LPI and DPI
 PSDTO3D108 is the network version (trial version)of PSDTO3D101 (USB key version),   PSDTO3D108 is for you to test the function before buying,  download link is http://xz.ok3d.cn/psdto3d2020.zip
OK3D lenticular software is the most famous 3d lenticular software in CHINA
Simply separate the 2D image into multiple background-erased layers with Photoshop, save it as a PSD (Photoshop) file and load it in PSD 3D Maker, and then all those slicing and merging process will be done as . can add Flip-flop animation on 3d image.

On the interface of PSDTO3D101 software, it shows the information: Hongmin Guo, telephone No, the copyright No of this software.

        Detail introduction of this PSDTO3D software as follows:

1. Edit drawline easily, like move, zoom, different layers can move, cut, paste, zoom,  point can move, add or delete

2. Angles can reach 999 maxium

3. LPI and size setting are unlimited

4. Support CMYK and RGB

5. Midline can be aligned automatically

6 .Support output psd, gif, tiff, bmp file

7.Lenticular effect can be made into 3D,flip,morph,zoom,animation

8. Easy to make big size 3d lenticular photo, output file can reach 40GB, output DPI can reach 9600



technical support

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