lenticular lens LPI test software

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Brand: OK3D
function: test lenticular sheet lpi
email: info@ok3d.com
technical support: yes
Unit Price: negotiate face to face
Min.Order: 1 set
Supply: 10000000 set
Delivery: Shipment within 1 days since the date of payment
Address: CN
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 lenticular lens LPI test software
LPI test software usded for to test lpi of lenticular.
usually,the supplier just tell you a lpi,maybe it's not exact value.so we need to test it,then we can make whole 3d lenticular printing.
This software will help you to solve this problem when you have some troubles to prints.
1. Kinds: 3d PET lenticular sheet, 3d PP lenticular sheet, 3d PVC lenticular sheet, lenticular lens sheet, lenticular lens, 3d lenticular film,3d lenticular plastic sheet
It is more correct to test and much easier to use, trial free.
Accuracy 0.001
Function test LPI of lenticular
Features easy handle, time saving, more exactly of LPI
Operation steps:
1.Set size of paper, the width should be close to size of picture that you want to make.
2.Set DPI that you want to output.
3.Set LPI of lenticular, means that the number of lines in each inch lenticular.(the figure is estimated by yourself, the software can establish test pattern by putting this lpi and the lpi which close to each other together automatically.)
4.Set column of test strip, means that how many test strips you should put in the test chart.
5.Set step, means that the difference of test strip in columns which close to each other.You can input 0.001.
6.Press button ‘Creat’ to establish test pattern.
7.Press button ‘Save’ to store up test chart.
8.Output test chart, add lenticular.
9. Choose proper distance to look pattern.
10. Shaking, find out the number in fields where changing into black or white at the same time.
11. Input again if can’t find out the number for once.
Any questions,pls send an email to info@ok3d.com
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